Kelly L. Moran is an American actress best known for her four seasons on House of Cards. An actor of great versatility and range, Kelly has played the sweet old granny, the violent crack head, the zombie attacker and the White House cabinet member. 

Her film credits include Sully, Ithaca, Southpaw and Love the Coopers. Other television credits include Veep, Southern Fried HomicideBlacklist and Deadly Affairs. Kelly's been fortunate to work with directors like Clint Eastwood, Meg Ryan, Antoine Fuque and more. Her work can be seen on HBO, Netflix, NBC and more. 

In addition to acting, Kelly is also known as an author, architect and artist. In 1999, Moran published her first book, Shelley Chintz, Unlocking the Secrets of the Pattern BookA self-taught architect, Moran completed building her first dwelling in 2006—The Stone Cottage in Rawlings, Maryland. Her art and design work has received attention from The Washington Times, Country Living Magazine and Fox 5 News, and more.

From all of her life experience, as well as early training in acting, singing and dancing, Kelly is able to handle a wide range of roles and genres. Moran holds degrees from Frostburg State University (Fine Arts), George Washington University (Landscape Design), and the USDA Graduate School (Botany and Horticulture). She continues to train at the Schuler School of Fine Arts,The Shakespeare Theatre and various workshops in New York.  

In her life and all of her work, Kelly L. Moran is a fearless, bold risk-taker.